Armando Frescura
was born in Domegge di Cadore on the 2nd August 1921.
At 13 years of age he began working for Safilo, where he learned the art of making handmade glasses.

In 1941 he left for military service and took part in the Second World War, at first on the border with Yugoslavia and then in Libya and Egypt where he was captured and held prisoner.
After a period of imprisonment in Algeria and then in Morocco, he was sent to the USA where he was detained in a concentration camp near Boston where he worked as a waiter in the officer’s mess hall.
At the end of the war, in 1945, he went back to Italy and worked for Safilo again, by direct request of Guglielmo Tabacchi, the owner of the company at the time, and was employed in the making of models of glasses for sample cases for sales representatives.
In 1952 he went to Florence where he obtained his diploma of optician after a year of studies at the Scuola di Ottica of Arcetri.


The following year, 1953, he opened his first optician shop in Montebelluna, in via Serena.

Very few businesses have more than 60 years of history and the Frescura family is proud to be owners of one of them.

Being opticians since 1953 means quality, competence and professionalism, but not only this, it implies the capability to renew themselves over time to satisfy the new needs of clients, even the most demanding ones, with the professionalism dictated by experience and continuous professional and technological updates.
The business that Armando Frescura set up was inherited by his daughter, Maria Teresa, and his son-in-law Paolo and continues today with his granddaughter Alessandra, the third generation of opticians.

Therefore the tradition of a profession for the service of the visual wellbeing of clients continues.